The Weeds Grow Long

And me without my scythe.

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Why Thimk?

Thimk is about realizing that just about everyone in the field is better than me.  Thimk is about realizing that there are better artists and writers in my own family who have much more relevant things to say about the human condition.  Thimk is about realizing that my talents are meager at best.

More then that, Thimk is about realizing that I don’t care about any of it.

What I do is not a reaction against the hidebound professors of my youth, because I didn’t have any.  Anyone who even came close to that definition I categorically ignored.  This is not something that I should be admired for, but it is true.

I am not a rhyming poet, I am also not a performance artist who dances wildly between stanzas to make some higher point.  What I am is a man who is dealing with life with the only tools that I have.  If this renders something that anyone wants to read, so much the better.

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Thimk is new.

Thimk is portable.

Thimk was never a revolution.

Thimk is not for sale.

Thimk is hoping a certain advertising campaign understands the meaning of “Satire”.

Thimk is the art Blog of Calgary poet Robin Veldhoen.

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